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KERN Pyramid Nano: Perfection in Precision

The Pyramid Nano machining centre is KERN’s masterpiece and one of the highest precision machines available for regular production in the world.

This highly advanced machine’s base is constructed from KERN Amorith, a newly-developed material with exceptional tensile strength and minimal thermal conductivity. The axes movement combines hydrostatic guideways as well as hydrostatic drives, which are temperature controlled giving outstanding accuracy and surface finishes on the workpiece.

X travel: 500 mm

Y travel: 500 mm

Z travel: 400 mm

Accuracy on the workpiece +/- 1 µm

In 3 and 5 axis machining modes the flexibility of the machine is unsurpassed as not many machines can claim to mill, drill, jig bore and jig grind in the same machining operation. For jig grinding automatic wheel dressing in-cycle can be performed. Combined with internal or external workpiece changers the Pyramid Nano is truly a production work of art.

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