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Composite Cutting Tools

In a growing marketplace it is important to be able to offer something different than other suppliers to our customers. This is critical to enable customers to produce the parts required by designers and end users.
For composite cutting tools (as I write) the standard minimum diameters for drills and endmills offered by our competitors is between 2.5 and 3.0 mm diameter while our principal Louis Belet of Switzerland start their endmill range at 0.5 mm diameter and drills from 0.48 mm diameter. Both endmills and drills can be supplied in two materials, diamond coated carbide or PCD. Such small tools are being used in the watch and medical industries in Switzerland.
Special tools such as PCD threadmills (M1.6 to M8), PCD engraving cutters and PCD t-slot cutters (3.0 to 16.0 mm diameter) are also available.

Importantly all the tools shown as PCD manufacture can also be supplied as CBN or CVD Diamond (from element six TM). This latter material is relatively new and offers many benefits including extending tool life in a wide variety of machining e.g. aluminium alloys metal matrix composites, graphite, plastics and rubbers.
Miniaturisation is a key component in design in the 21st century so it should follow that cutting tools must follow the same path. Being a market leader in micro machining a change in material technology should only give a small hesitation in time scale while a solution is found. The demand for smaller tools will grow as industries understand that these tools are readily available.

Please browse our brochure on composite tools, it does not list every part number but gives an indication of what is possible (a lot of tools from stock) and includes specials that can be produced to match your exact requirements or call 01744 889726.