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Air Turbine Spindles

We are proud to have been selected to sell Air Turbine Spindles® in the UK. For us selling micro cutting tools, not only is having a high spindle speed important but more critically the tool concentricity defines whether the tool will break or not. It is therefore important to state that we find the guaranteed concentricity of an Air Turbine Spindle® at less than 2 µm the most important feature. Yes there are lots of other benefits; a variety of spindle speeds available from 25,000 to 90,000 rpm, constant power available, ability to be used in an automatic tool change system, collets up to 7.5 mm diameter, easy to maintain with only 2 moving parts etc.

Air Turbine Spindles – link to video

For machining centres we offer a choice of mounting shank from cylindrical, HSK, BT and CAT thus allowing us to fit the spindle to most machining centres, all we need is the machine spindle to be able to be programmed to run at zero rpm and the machines axes to be working. There are 3 spindle types available for machining centres, 602, 625 and 650 each offering different capabilities with regard to spindle speed, collet capacity and power available. The spindles can be loaded in to the machine spindle either by hand or by the automatic tool changer.

For lathes and robotic installations we are able to offer both steel and aluminium bodied spindles with spindle speeds from 25,000 to 65,000 rpm available. The outside mounting diameter varies with the model and spindle performance from 18 to 40 mm diameter giving a wide capability for integrating in to automation systems and loading in to lathes (particularly sliding head machines).

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