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Rainford Meets Demand for Threadmills

We work with two respected threadmill manufacturers:

From the USA, Kyocera Micro Tools whose line up of single row thread whirling tools include both uncoated and coated threadmills starting at M0.5 through to M8.

From Switzerland we have forged a strong relationship with Xactform SA. Xactform specialise in threading solutions and this has given us a much greater insight and capability to assess and evaluate optimum threading solutions for you. With the Xactform range covering from M1.0 to M64 in solid carbide and throw away tip designs along with UN ranges, NPT, BSP etc. giving us the best product portfolio to get the right tool for your application. The threadmills come in various designs incorporating straight or spiral flute, full flute of thread or single, double or triple teeth, spaced teeth for multi-start threads or deep applications, the possibilities are endless.

Our partnership with Xactform also enables us to supply special threadmills which can be manufactured to your exact requirements with a turnaround time of just three weeks!

Why Threadmilling?

There are numerous reasons, technical and economic, as to why thread milling should be your first choice.

For example:


  • High cutting speeds & feeds
  • Full thread form over the complete thread depth
  • Possible to reduce the drilling depth required in blind hole applications
  • Threads produced with excellent form, finish, dimensional and positional accuracy
  • One tool for left hand threads, right hand threads, through and blind holes.
  • Threadmills produce small controllable chips making difficult materials much easier to machine
  • Multiple start threads easy to machine with high accuracy
  • Minimal horsepower requirements
  • One threadmill can produce varying thread diameters of the same pitch
  • Process reliability


  • Cost saving – Shorter machining times – a threadmill can be 5 times quicker compared to a tap
  • Cost saving – Shorter machining times – you do not have to drill so deep
  • Cost saving – less tooling required to produce many threads
  • Cost saving – Less likely to break the tool compared to a tap and if you do there are no expensive spark erosion costs to remove a broken threadmill

For more on our range of threadmills and threading inserts, contact the Rainford Precision team.