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Precision Taps for Threading

Rainford Precision are proud providers of several varieties of taps, perfect for creating quality screw threads with a minimum of effort.

Historically, we have been approached by numerous engineers seeking solutions to threading problems. This encouraged us to seek out the highest quality taps available from manufacturers who were not only dedicated to accuracy, but agile and versatile enough to provide answers to the most unusual threading issues. Yamawa’s Fast taps are one example of how costs can be reduced by virtue of 3 times faster tapping speed. Fast taps are made of high quality HSSE.

Carbide and HSS Taps 

Our search led us to Japanese company Yamawa, whose comprehensive range of over 150 different metric thread products includes coated and uncoated carbide and HSS taps, covering any and all threading requirements.

Taps for Hard Steel 

Toolmaking through hole applications for steels above 45Hrc with 2 different ranges of straight fluted ultra fine grain carbide taps. EH-CT (M3 to M12) for materials between 45 and 55Hrc and UH-CT (M2 to M20) for 55 to 60 Hrc hardness. 

Universal High Performance Taps (UP+)

Tin coated HSSE taps for through hole (9666TI) and blind hole (9686TI) applications. Spiral fluted taps with innovative geometry dramatically reduce cutting torque and improve chip evacuation.

Universal High Performance Taps (AU+)

Yamawa’s universal tap for high performance on a wide range of materials (steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminium)

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