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Still Surprising the Market With New Innovations After 25 Years

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February 15, 2016


It was Christmas 1990 when Arthur Turner, like so many other engineers of the day faced redundancy due to yet another recession. A familiar story no doubt; but in Arthur’s case, he took his machining expertise and industry contacts and started his own business, Rainford Precision.
25 years later and the St Helens’ business continues to grow, continues to evolve and above all continues to innovate. As Managing Director, Arthur Turner says: “When you start a business, advice is in abundance and not all of it is good. One piece of advice I did take was to always evolve, always innovate and to keep looking at the next technology. Following this advice has kept us in good stead and is an underlying factor in our continued success.”
“We supply industry leading machine tools and cutting tools for small, micro and hard material machining applications. Our stock of micro cutting tools is unsurpassed in the UK; but above all that, we have to deliver the service, the support and the advice that only comes with experience. Every day we face a new challenge. Whether its a new material, a complex component feature or so often in our case how to solve a micro machining problem. We relish the challenges that every new day brings us, and look forward to the next 25 years of business.”