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Rainford Shows Perfect Form With the Union of New Brands at MACH 2016

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May 15, 2016


Widely acknowledged as the technology leader when it comes to micro-machining, Rainford Precision will be cementing this reputation at MACH 2016 with the arrival of a host of new cutting tool innovations. On stand 5050, Rainford Precision will be launching new ranges of drills, end mills, thread mills and circular saws for micro machining and hard material applications from brands such as Iwata, Xactform, Louis Belet, Osawa and Union Tool.
Returning to the UK’s showpiece event after a successful show in 2014, Rainford Precision will be keen to introduce the completely new line of Louis Belet tools. The market leader in the globally renowned ‘micro-precision’ watchmaking industry, the Louis Belet tools at MACH will include solid carbide circular saws and also a vast selection of solid carbide, PCD and CBN end mills, ball nose and drilling products. What sets Louis Belet apart from alternate suppliers is the availability of extremely small diameter tools. For example, many of the Louis Belet end mills and drills at MACH will be available in diameters from 0.5mm, rising in 0.01mm increments. Likewise, the circular saws start with a 0.1mm blade width, rising in increments of 0.01mm. Nowhere at MACH will you see such small or precise cutting tools.
For machining hard materials, the St Helen’s based micro tooling specialist will be bringing a selection of small end mills and ball nosed tools along from Union Tool. Not content with astounding tool life and performance on extremely hard and abrasive materials, the UDC Series of diamond coated tools can comfortably cut through tungsten carbide and ceramics with impeccable surface finishes. What’s more, Rainford Precision will be also be unveiling the latest range of new high performance 5-flute end mills from Union Tool at MACH.
For the ultimate in precision drilling of small holes, Rainford will be giving a MACH debut to the new range of Iwata 30XD drills. As an extension to the comprehensive Iwata Toglon drilling ranfe, the new 30XD drills are available from 0.8 to 2mm diameter in 0.1mm increments. These new drills deliver exceptional rigidity, hole concentricity and precision whilst the flute design and geometry extend tool life and productivity on the hardest of materials. The new 30XD drills will be complemented by the extended 20XD drills that are now available from 0.8 to 6mm diameter in 0.1mm increments. Like the Louis Belet range, the Iwata range of Toglon drills are also offered in micro sizes from 0.1mm diameter.
Continuing the theme of micro tools, Rainford will also be demonstrating the comprehensive range of thread milling tools from Xactform. As a world leader in thread tool applications, the Xactform tools from Rainford are extremely comprehensive with diameters starting from as small as M0.5. The extensive ranges from these suppliers will be shown alongside cutting tool ranges from Osawa and Hobe with Rainford also keen to emphasise the importance of combining such precision tools with high-end machine tools, such as the Kern range of nano precision machines the company supplies in the UK. For further details on any of the new product ranges or if you have a query regarding micro-machining, please visit Stand 5050 to talk to one of our micro machining experts.