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September 24, 2015


Rainford Precision, the UK’s leading supplier of cutting tools and machine tools for the micro machining industry has now launched a new website. The launch of the new website by the St Helens micro and hard material machining specialist will enhance user experience and access to the company’s extensive range of specialised products.

The new on-line platform from Rainford Precision is aesthetically attractive and improves user experience whilst efficiently directing the viewer to their desired product or application type. The informative new website includes brochures on all available products across the Rainford line, which includes Kern high precision machining centres as well as an extensive range of milling cutters, drills, reamers, thread mills, taps, boring bars and thread turning products from a host of industry leading manufacturers. These brochures are supported by informative and educational video content that is hosted on Rainford Precision’s YouTube channel.

Commenting upon the new website, Rainford Precision’s Managing Director, Mr Arthur Turner says: “Like many manufacturers, we have updated our website in line with our business activities down the years. However, the new website presents a completely new platform that will be intuitive and educational for manufacturers in the micro machining industry. We are acknowledged as a leading company in terms of the micro and hard material machining segments and we wanted our new on-line presence to reflect this.”

“To create a more informative presence, we have generated a number of videos that are available through our YouTube channel. Furthermore, the manufacturing industry is increasingly obtaining its information and engaging its audience via social media channels, so we have added a LinkedIn and Twitter feed to the new website. We have already been extremely active on these media outlets and customers can be informed about all our new products and developments in real-time. Furthermore, we are updating these social media feeds with examples and test cases of projects we are conducting, so potential customers can subscribe to our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds and obtain really useful and relevant information,” concludes Mr Turner.