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New Composite Drills & End Mills from Rainford

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August 15, 2016

If you are looking for small drills and end mills for composite machining, the majority of tooling vendors will only offer tools as small as 2.5 to 3mm diameter. Perfectly acceptable for many applications, but if you are in the micro machining industry; you need to speak to Rainford Precision about its new Louis Belet range of small tools for composite machining.
Whilst alternative vendors do not offer diameters below the 2.5 to 3mm range, the Louis Belet range from Rainford can provide a comprehensive selection of drills and end mills from as small as 0.48mm diameter. Even more impressive is that these product ranges are available in 0.01mm increments from Rainford Precision. As the technology leader in the European watch making industry, the performance and precision of the tools from Louis Belet is beyond compare.
Louis Belet offers an extensive range of drills, end mills and ball nosed end mills from 0.5mm diameter. For example, both the 9020 Series of end mills and the 9120 Series of ball nosed tools are available as coated or uncoated with two or three flutes from 0.5 diameter.
For larger applications, the Louis Belet range offers the 9530 Series of double helix end mills and 9630 diamond cut end mills that both start at 6mm diameter.
From the Louis Belet PCD range, Rainford Precision is announcing the arrival of the 4010 PCD Series of end mills and the 4200 PCD ball nosed tools. Offered in diameters as small as 2mm, these 1 or 2 fluted tools are available in a selection of diameters, cut lengths, overall lengths and radii.
With extensive laser grinding technology Louis Belet are also able to supply customers with special form tools in PCD.
Complementing the PCD milling tools is the extensive drilling range that includes the 300 EXPERT composite drill and the 4500 Series PCD drills. The coated 300 Series is available in diameters from 0.5mm whereas the 4500 Series starts from 0.48mm to 2.2mm diameter and is available in 0.01mm increments. This exceptional drilling range has just been bolstered by the launch of the new 370 EXPERT Series for small drilling operations on stainless steel. Rainford Precision is building up stocks of all the various tools. With the most extensive supply of micro drilling and milling tools for steel, stainless, hard steels and exotic materials, make Rainford Precision your next port of call for high-end small diameter tooling.