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KERN U-View: Tool Inspection System

The KERN μ-View is a highly advanced tool inspection system ideal for complementing any machining setup. Its high magnification capability can magnify images by 350-fold (450-fold with optional extras) to detect microscopic imperfections even on tools less than 1 mm in diameter.

Initially developed by KERN to reduce tooling costs in their own sub-contract machining department, this system saved the company 30% of costs in its first year by identifying defects such as unequal wear and breakages that would be invisible to the naked eye or a standard microscope. The μ-View allows you to inspect used tools for breakage causes, thus allowing you to rectify tolerances and concentricity to save on tool replacement costs. New tools can also be inspected to ensure that they are in perfect condition when they arrive.

In the photo it can be seen that the ground profile of the ballnose endmill is incorrect and out of tolerance. The dotted lines are the upper and lower tolerances, set by the operator. In this case the tool was returned to the manufacturer.

The Kern μ-View has the power to hugely improve your quality control.

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