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High Precision Drills in the UK

Precision drilling can be a tricky pursuit that places heavy demands on tools and operators alike. With such microscopic measurements and tight tolerances, there is often next to no margin for error so using the best possible equipment can make a huge difference in the resulting product.


A recent addition to our stock are through coolant drills from 1 mm to 3 mm diameter (in 0.1 mm increments) with drill depths from 5xD upto 30xD. These carbide coated drills offer a flexibilty and quality that is tough to beat. Also consider our larger diameter through coolant drills that range upto 10 mm diameter and 25xD in length.


With a range from 2 mm to 12 mm diameter these new flat-bottom drills have increased the capability to produce holes on angled or radial faces. Special size diameters can be produced to assist in eliminating hole drilling issues in your production.

Rainford Precision are official UK suppliers of high precision drills from several international manufacturers, which gives us access to a huge range of drills for a variety of specialised applications and operations. This formidable range, coupled with our team’s extensive knowledge of processes such as micro drilling and deep hole drilling, means that you can trust Rainford Precision to give you the perfect solution.

Drills for Composite Materials

An interesting addition to the range of drills available from Rainford Precision are micro drills for composite materials starting at 0.48 mm diameter. The importance of these new tools will open up lots of possibilities for composite material designers. The drills are available in two ranges, PCD and diamond coated. For more details please refer to our “Composite Tools Tab” or call 01744 889726.

Micro Drills for Precision Operations

Our selection includes high precision drills from Union Tool, whose well-regarded C-UMD range of carbide micro drills are available in incremental sizes of 0.01mm up to a diameter of 2mm; along with

carbide coated micro deep hole drills, including the UTDLX with its reinforced shank; and the Series 081 selection of carbide micro spotting drills, specialised for drilling holes less than a millimetre in diameter.

Drills are available to support operations on almost any material, from stainless steels through to titanium, hard steel up to 75HRC, and tungsten carbide. We also stock even more specialised tools such as micro drills for drilling small brass orifices and through coolant drills, which bring their own unique benefits to sliding head lathe manufacturing.

To find the perfect drill for your application, speak to the Rainford Precision team today.


One of our new innovative product ranges is the Iwata Toglon drill range for tool steels between 40 and 75 Hrc hardness. With a double drill point and unique cutting edges these tools make drilling hard steel easy to the extent you can eliminate EDM drilling. The range starts at 0.1 mm diameter and rises to 12.0 mm with short and regular length, complemented by 20xD and 30xD up to 6 mm and 2 mm diameter respectively. Watch the videos.


Do you need to drill tungsten carbide or fired ceramics? We have customers who do – have a look at the UTDMX range and the videos to see another unique capability. The feed rate is not fast but this special range of Union Tool drills perform in materials you only used to dream of machining.

Extra-long Drills

Generally for non-ferrous and soft materials our range of ADL and ADLL drills give hole capability of between 25 and 50xD, we have in stock all the drills between 0.1 and 1 mm diameter in 0.05 mm increments.