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Boring Bars and Micro Boring Tools

To complement our already impressive range of tooling products, Rainford Precision offer a selection of boring bars for internal machining on sliding head lathes. As components get smaller the need for high precision bores gets greater and therefore higher accuracy in the repeatability of the cutting edges becomes critical. To know the cutting edge is correctly in position eliminates costly resetting time and effort. It is for this reason we are happy to offer our customers a really good high quality boring tool system.

Hobe Quick change and referenced boring system – link to video

Our selection of Hobe carbide micro boring bars starts with the capability to produce bores from 0.6mm diameter. These micro boring bars can be supplied coated or uncoated, in right- or left-hand varieties and with both standard and extended reach.

Importantly they include a quick change and accurate relocation system using a reference pin. This system enables a positional tolerance of +/-5 micron to be achieved when changing tools, therefore eliminating the need to reset the tool and requiring only a minor adjustment.

Boring of diameters can be achieved in two ways, the first following a pre-drilled hole or alternatively by boring from solid, useful when you are “tight” on the number of tool positions on your machine.

Internal profiling, face grooving and broaching tools complement the Hobe system. Additionally do you require a “special” boring tool? Hobe can offer customer specific designs including new turning tool geometry for small cone shaped features in bores

For more on our range of boring tools and similar equipment, get in touch with Rainford Precision today.