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KERN Micro 5-Axis Machining Centre

Rainford Precision are the UK’s only supplier of 5-axis machining centres from KERN Microtechnik. KERN machines have an unbeatable reputation for performance, reliability and ultra-precision machining and can be fitted with all manner of tools.

Our selection of 5-axis machining centres includes the new KERN Micro, whose small footprint belies its impressive capability. It can achieve spindle speeds of up to 50,000 rpm and its automatic power chuck facilitates quick, easy, and accurate clamping of workpieces.

X travel: 350 mm

Y travel: 280 mm

Z travel: 250 mm

Accuracy on the workpiece +/- 2 µm

Maximum workpiece size is 350 mm diameter by 220 mm tall with a weight of 50 Kgs.

The KERN Micro features a unique tool cabinet capable of rapid changing of over 200 tools. Up to 9 tools are held on a quick change pallet, so tools can be easily loaded or stored until the next time the job comes up. Being one of KERN’s latest machines, it also pushes the envelope on innovation, with four patents pending on its ground-breaking technology.

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